I admit I am a tea strainer snob! I don’t buy into the cute but gimmicky strainers nor do I abode the stuff-em-full approach. The bigger the better for me!

The tea strainer is a beautiful little tool which aids us to infuse the delicate flavours from our tea while not ending up with a mouthful of tea leaves. To do our tea justice, I recommend a large bucket strainer. If the strainer is too small the leaves are often crowded and do not have enough space to swell. A large strainer allows the tea leaves to unfurl and expand, rewarding you with their full flavour potential.

We stock our custom Little Tea Shop Strainers, they are the perfect single cup size and fit into most teapots (I am yet to find one that it does not fit). The size allows ample room for infusion and less tea leaves are required for the same delicious taste.

When it comes to tea strainers quality is always worth the effort. Besides, the bigger the strainers the more room you have for mixing your favourite tea blends together for an extra dose of delicious creativity!

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