Welcome to our world of tea!

We first opened our doors as a tea shop in December 2017. Situated in the scenic village of Mogo, in the far South Coast of New South Wales. We had the pleasure of hosting many decadent High Teas and catered to all our tea lover’s brewing needs. However, our beautiful boutique was lost in the Currowan bushfires on New Year’s Eve, 2020.

From tea shop to ashes...

Not ready to give up our tea dream, The Little Tea Shop has been given a fresh beginning as an online tea boutique. With a passion for all things tea our aim is to bring you a unique and exciting range of ever-expanding tea varieties, along with access to beautiful teaware and accessories. We have launched a range of tea hampers you can order online with the option of creating unique hampers to delight family and friends or to impress work colleagues and clients.

With a collection of over 50 tea blends, sourced world-wide, we wholly believe your tea journey should never be boring or mundane, rather an exciting sensory adventure of new tastes and smells that are both intoxicating and delighting!

We hope you enjoy exploring our tea range and we have helped path the way for you to fall in love with tea.

Rochelle & crew xx

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